Who are Jobie-to-Bees?

pexels-photo-1Jobie-to-Bees are girls between the ages of 8-9 not yet old enough to join Job’s Daughters.

They attend fun events and get to know the girls in the Bethel.

Jobie-to-Bees have their own meetings in their Bethel’s Bee Hive.

They are given sashes to wear that show everyone who they are

Jobie-to-Bees are here to have FUN! They get to learn about Job’s Daughters with girls their own age before becoming a member of the Bethel. The Jobie-to-Bee program provides these young girls with the opportunity to get to know the girls in their Bethel during fun activities and before and after Bethel meetings.

The Jobie-to-Bee program can be a girl’s first opportunity to branch out. It is extremely important for girls to start building leadership and service experiences at a young age. Jobie-to-Bees are provided with this, and more, with the choice to join as a Job’s Daughter once she reaches 10 years of age.

If you want your daughter to join a Jobie-to-Bee program and start her journey of leadership and service, go to our find a Bethel page: http://azjdi.org/bethels/