Congratulations to Emma D. from Mesa who was chosen Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter.  She will represent the Arizona Job’s Daughters to the community throughout the year.  She will compete for the Miss International Job’s Daughter August 2020 Nebraska.

Congratulations to Mallory S. from Phoenix, who was chosen Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter Congeniality.  Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter Congeniality is chosen by the Daughters of Arizona.  She is the Daughter who displays the greatest friendship to other Daughters during the pageant.

Congratulations to Amaile G. from Phoenix who was chosen Junior Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter.   Junior Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter is a representative of JDI in Arizona for the purpose of recruiting, greeting, and welcoming new members, visiting Bethels, keeping younger members active and informed of activities, and encouraging them to visit other Bethels.

Congratulations to Charlotte from Tucson who was chosen Junior Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter Congeniality. She is the Daughter selected by the Pageant contestants, who they feel displayed the greatest friendship during the day’s activities.


Written by azjdi